FAQ: How To Say Rice In Farsi?


What does Joonam mean in Farsi?

Joonam is another extremely common term of endearment, and perhaps a little more fun to say, because even the act of saying it causes your lips to pucker as if getting prepared for a kiss. It can also be translated as meaning something along the lines of ‘my dear’, but more literally you are saying ‘my soul.

What does chi mean in Farsi?

“What are you doing?” As you can see, in Persian, “What” is mainly translated as Che. You can also use ” chi ” which is more informal and natural instead. If you want to sound more formal, you only need to change the verb Mikoni to its plural form, Mikonid, or its easier pronunciation, Mikonin.

What does Hastam mean in Farsi?

The verb ‘To Be’

What does Tashakor mean in Farsi?

Then we have the compound verb tashakor mikonam (I thank you). It’s the one you use when you want to use ‘thank you’ as a verb: Az moalemam tashakor kardam (I thanked my teacher.)

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What does jigar mean in Farsi?

But jigar, the Persian word for liver, is a Persian word of endearment.

What does Habibi mean?

Habibi is an Arabic word that literally means “my love” (sometimes also translated as “my dear,” “my darling,” or “beloved.”) It is used primarily as a pet name for friends, significant others, or family members.

What is Che in Farsi?

Che, or Čīm, or Ce (چ), is a letter of the Persian alphabet, used to represent [t͡ʃ], and which derives from ǧīm (ج) by the addition of two dots. It is found with this value in other Arabic-derived scripts. Arabic alphabet lacks this letter.

What do you want in Persian?

Idiomatic/Free translation: donbAle cheh/chi hastid/hasti? Farsi ( Persian ) translation: cheh kAr mikhAhi bekonid/bekoni?

English term or phrase: What do you want to do?
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What is khAreji in Farsi?

khAreji =foreign. -e or -ye= of (creating genitive construction) Good luck with your new club!

What does Khoobam mean in Farsi?

khoobam +am good. motshakeram=thank you. aghaa=sir. 12 years ago • Report.

What does Chashm mean in Farsi?

Chashm. When pronounced chashm, this word is a polite form of saying “ ok”, “sure”, or “consider it done” when someone asks that you do something.

What does mamnoon mean in Farsi?

much is used in Persian. The word mamnoon is used in Arabic, Persian meaning thanks,much.

Why do Iranians say Merci?

merci – (rather informal) thank you. Even though it is easy to commemorate for Westerners, many Iranians would rather use “(kheyli = many) mamnun (thank you)”. As ” merci ” is derived from French, the govt. English Language in Iran Until 1950’s the second official language of Iran was French.

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How do you say do you speak Farsi in Farsi?

Also don’t forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Farsi. Enjoy the rest of the lesson! Farsi Phrases.

English Farsi Phrases
Greeting Salam va ashnai
Do you speak (English/ Persian )? Aya englisi parsi sohbat mikonid
Just a little Faghat yek kam


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